This is an archive of the band profile for Bikini Black Special.

With brilliantly catchy, energetic songs demanding your attention you can predict nothing but success for this band in the future.

Using elements of indie and pop to create their refreshing sound Bikini Black Special's songs are hook-filled and brilliantly crafted. "We don't want to be a quirky, one-trick indie band that writes songs purely for the trend". BBS (as the crowds like to chant) are definitely a band for the people to shout about.

Formed from the song-writing partnership of frontman Stevo Coward and lead guitarist Luke Fitton who met in 2004, the band could not be any more focused. "Stevo had left his successful full time job in Cumbria to pursue his love of music and met Luke on a college course at Leeds. He had the same passion and drive for them to make it happen".

"When writing the songs we write what we want to hear. We enjoy music that translates with an audience straight away; there is no mystery to what we do. Why confuse your audience with crap music that is supposed to be 'cool' to like? Too many people are ruled by what they are told is the 'next big thing' and as soon as they get anywhere they drop them. We aren't afraid of pop music."

The band are currently gigging regularly, playing quality venues across the country and developing their already strong fan base. Every second of watching BBS play live is purely engaging. They are a tight, edgy outfit and know exactly how to win over an audience. Their musical ability shines in their live shows when you can see everyone in the band pulling in the same direction with an impeccable and energetic performance.

Bikini Black Special can only be heading for bigger things; destined to become a British band of real substance, music with pure energy that grabs your attention and stays in your head.

Bikini Black Special are: Stevo Coward, Luke Fitton, Adam Sewell, Adam Scott and Chris Bunyan.

Influences are anyone from the Beatles and Oasis to Razorlight and The Killers - "Bands that think beyond the here and now and write pop music their own way"..