This is a review of "To Conquer" recorded by Samsa. The review was written by Alexander Rennie in 2007.

Samsa are a not unappealing proposition, given to guitar blasts and lyrical outpourings that are - at least - comprehensible. There is, however, something ever so slightly generic about their efforts in live performance which leaves one involuntarily making for the bar to take stock ahead of the next turn. It's difficult to put a finger on exactly why this might be, as these two tracks do have their moments. One problem, perhaps, is that a safe groove is often settled into and slogged without sufficient variation.

'To Conquer' possesses emotive vocals and stirring guitars but, somehow, the listener is left detached and unmoved. Other contemporary bands, the Alones being a splendid example, plough a similar furrow whilst being massively more engaging. The guitar work is majestic at times, even being reminiscent of iLiKETRAiNS in the way it belts out, but lacks worth without setting or direction.

Flip-side 'Another Night' comes replete with further plangent guitar noise, but the effect on this listener was to leave one mildly impressed yet disinterested. Think, if you will, of yet another smouldering Snow Patrol 'epic' ready to send you off to Snoozeville. The only positive take on this, of course, is that those blasted Snow Patrol boys - whilst being the wettest collection of schmucks in Christendom - do shift units by the crate-load. So, Samsa, you are destined to become the toast of mothers and girlfriends everywhere. Well done!