This is a review of "Medicine Cabinet EP" recorded by The Pipers. The review was written by Victoria Holdsworth in 2007.

Imagine, if you will, The Spin Doctors meet Pavement with Ray Lamontage as the lead singer. That’s what we have here with this fantastic EP from The Pipers.

What first strikes me upon my initial listen is just how deep and soulful, singer Ian Clarke’s voice is. The first track ‘Hallelujah’ is a sure fire winner, and not just because it conjures days of old indie and Stone Roses, it really is an outstanding track. The vocal is jovial but with a bitter undercurrent to it which shows exceptional emotional range to Ian’s voice and is like nothing I’ve heard in a long time. The other members of the band are at their best on this track and the guitar work, bass and drums just ooze with sounds of the past, with a style and sound I can definitely hear some Doors, Grateful Dead epic styling in there, but also they add their own little twists and turns along the way.

The second track, ‘Happy Street’ is slow and lulling and just instantly makes me think of those annoying adverts with the multiplying people springing up behind each other like traffic cones.

It’s not that the track is bad, far from it, but it just drifts into oblivion and doesn’t appear to make any impression on me except for, ‘I hope the last track is better’.

‘Cupboard Love’ as the final track makes me forgive the second tune.

It’s very reminiscent of Black Crowes for me with its rock/blues intro, it comes across as a tune that would be amazing live. This track in my opinion is the best one on the EP.

Yes, there are tinges of Oasis in there, but there are also traces of Squire in the guitar and the vocal is relaxed but glosses over the track amazingly.

If these guys can produce more tracks like 1 and 3, I can see them making a very nice dent on more than just the local scenes.

Versatile, funky, refreshing and one of the best voices on a lead vocal I’ve heard in a bloody ages. I would recommend this to anyone!