This is a review of "Ghosts" recorded by The Hair. The review was written by Nick Rowan in 2007.

The:Hair are a Leeds Music Scene enigma, on record they’ve been cut to shreds (admittedly on demo reviews from a couple of years back) yet the write-ups of their live shows are consistently positive, occasionally bordering on the euphoric. Having caught them playing a couple of support slots I’ve always come away impressed by the band as a unit but never completely sold on their songs, which I could never quite recall afterwards.

As they seemed to be an established local band with a solid fanbase it was somewhat of a surprise to see that ‘Ghosts’ is actually The:Hair’s debut single, a limited edition release on Fierce Panda offshoot Cool For Cats Records. The result is understandably taut and though there’s the seemingly obligatory dollop of cowbell their sound is more in the territory of The Music than The Sunshine Underground.

‘Ghosts’ feels slick, the vocal tracks build on top of each other creating a degree of urgency around which they cram in sharp guitar lines and some danceable percussion. The song’s impact is heavily dependent on Sam Robson’s lead vocal and whereas his voice is generally one of the band’s strengths it cannot carry this track. Conversely on the flipside Robson, and the rest of the band, are a knock-out - “Left foot motion / Right foot stand still / I don’t need these words” - cue extended rock-out. Repeat.

Now they’ve finally got a single out all they really need to do is to get rid of that:damned:colon.