This is a review of "George Oldfield" recorded by Lorimer. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

John Peel gets the ball rolling tonight; just as I sit down to review spiky Leeds starlets Lorimer, he plays the cover of Ferry-penned "Over You", the second song on their new "George Oldfield" EP. The four-piece's sound is heavily influenced from the poppier side of 70's punk, dealing in two-minute classics, and is immediately recognisable - I don't need Peelie to tell me I've just been listening to Phil Privilege, and it's a pleasure to then sit back for eight minutes, four tracks, of pure radio friendly pop. Lorimer are well documented for having taken their sound from the likes of Buzzcocks or The Only Ones, and in "Rip You UP" they almost "Smash It Up" with a The Damned mix Pistols angst. This is Lorimer at their rawest; yet they just couldn't shrug off that "pop" tag if they tried. Every ones a winner, title track "George Oldfield" is the sing-along live favourite, whilst the industry cynical "Limelight" closes the EP off: "As you pick up your award on the TV set, With your catwalk heroin chic, You're a well rehearsed pantomime freak, That doesn't fool me".