This is an archive of the band profile for John Dorr.

I started playing guitar at the rather tender age of 12 and began to write songs, weird little instrumentals and the like almost immediately. Like many guitarists my first influence was Kurt Cobain, soon after I progressed to Sonic Youth which in turn led me to the noise of The Velvets, Television and My Bloody Valentine. At the age of 19 I was awakened to the beauty of electronic music (by this I mean electronica, industrial and dance music) and nearly threw away my guitar, as my interests were being diverted to a more diverse set of instruments, (mainly percussion, tablas, drum machines and drum kits). However my path was diverted once again back to guitars and vocals by being given a copy of Grace by Jeff Buckley which led me to a whole new world of solo artists. I am always interested in collaborations, the most notable one being my old band cosine, who released just one e.p "we used to dream about the future" (limited edition only). More recently I have been experimenting with looping guitar and vocals, from mass vocal harmonies to layering percussive sounds, drones and any other sounds I can make on my guitar, always within the realms of a good tune though..