This is an archive of the band profile for The Feelies Inc.

Shaun (Curly) Nails
Phil (Apeman) Oates
Jimbob (Ironjaws) Scholey
Matt (Harpo) Webbo

The Feelies were fermented in the Brave New World of 2006, with their individualistic perversions and a love for the alcoholic grape, they mixed and baked a wholesome marriage of raised Yorkshire puddings. Fueled by production juice the music manifested itself into a monster that just could't say no. Sneering at their modern audience and the current trend of bandwagoning styles, they somehow smiled and cleaned their teeth with a brand of psychadelic pop suitable for the masses.

The Feelies are currently recording and the band are new to the live scene, still this didn't stop them becoming finalist in the recent Red Stripe Awards. It is without question that the band have been working twice as hard behind the scenes. It is therefore only a matter of time before they explode onto the circuit full time like the amateur porn stars they are, who can only dream of making it professional..