This is a review of "Keep Your Wits Sharp" recorded by Mother Vulpine. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

Like a musical energy drink pumped full of sugar and caffeine, Mother Vulpine rattle around these 2 songs like they are being shaken around in a box by some giant hands. It’s post-Libertines vs Bloc-Party driven guitar growling and deliberately scruffy drumming that sounds like the drummer has some serious issues to take out with his hi-hat and snare for sleeping with his missus behind his back… ”take that you dirty cheating snare bastard, oh yeah and you want some to do you hi-hat?”. This is why it’s so much fun, because you can’t bottle energy like this, but you can put it down on record if you are clever enough. For a debut release by both band and label neither “Keep Your Wits…” nor “For a friend…” are single material; rollicking good album material yes and live they must be the musical equivalent of a drunken friend getting you in a head lock and yelling his beery breathe into your ear… in fact that is quite a succinct way to describe the vocal style if said friend was also holding in a wee but just had to tell you before he went. There are tonnes of ideas packed into both tunes, with “Keep Your Wits…” just edging the race with its grinding and rolling middle eight. Those familiar with other local dignities Forward Russia and This Et Al will find plenty of comfort here - great stuff all round and with a sharper hook it will be even greater.