This is a review of "Wait For Me" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Joseph C Seager in 2007.

The Pigeon Detectives have been waiting to unleash this album on the globe, and rightly so. ‘Wait For Me’, released on label Dance To The Radio, clearly puts the five-piece on the map as more than just friends of the Kaiser Chiefs. Bubbly guitars, northern sung vocals, and an album full of indie pop, The Pigeon Detectives could have one of 2007’s success stories under their belt.

Track one, the single that enhanced their fanbase ten fold, sounds awesome. ‘Romantic Type’ is captivating, mixing paces throughout and of course we must mention the sort after “1! 2! 3! 4!”, which comes before a rocking guitar solo. This starts an underlying theme of love through the record.

The transition to track two ‘I Found Out’ was clever. Including moments of chanting through the backing vocals and clapping when the instruments take a well-deserved break for a few seconds, it’s a short blast of power that continues throughout the rest of the track list. ‘Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’ starts off with intriguing guitars and drums before the first line appeals to every single person in the country. “I’m so in love with you I just don’t know what I should do” is a situation familiar to everybody. This song is less than 2 minutes, but it’s a little gem nevertheless.

The album continues by mixing acoustic sounds with mighty riff-bearing guitars and at times recurring vocals. I wouldn’t say the songs are the best ever written, but they certainly aren’t filler. At times it feels very samey though. I don’t like to say 'average', but by the time you get to track eight ‘Stop Or Go’ you feel you’ve heard it before, by the Kaisers, and then the track title comes into play and hitting the stop button could be on the cards.

But don’t, at least skip to my one of my favourite tracks, ‘Take Her Back’. The lyrics are pretty funny, concentrating on age gaps in relationships and telling the story through the rest of the song. “She’s 17, he’s 22” reminds you of something from the Jeremy Kyle show. The repetition of lines appears here again, which could be quite irritating by the tenth track, but what you gonna do?

The album is good, not great, but a decent solid start for the Leeds band. They’re bound to appeal to the public as this is what the people are listening to today, sing along songs with trouble-free lyrics of life and love. They are always going to be compared to the Chiefs as they have pretty much the same roots, but The Pigeon Detectives will probably get a lot of limelight with the release of this record. It’s worth the buy, but don’t expect masses of groundbreaking material after the first couple of songs…