This is a review of "You'll Be Fine EP" recorded by The Whippets. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2007.

I’m not really a lover of filling reviews with press release fodder, but this is fucking excellent:

“The Whippets sound like a dip in a plunge pool, followed by a particularly tricky numbers round of Countdown, standing on your head and then finding a tenner you didn’t know you had and spending it all on Pic n’Mix.”

Right dissection fans, let’s go…

Umm, it’s quite fast paced. ‘Plebeian Society’ sounds like some mid 90s mash up that’s slightly risqué, never sells but is critically acclaimed. The vocals sound like Shaun Ryder meets Ian Brown which doesn’t really help to be honest. Unless you have the Roses and the Mondays’ brilliance backing you up (earlier Mondays, musical snobbery fans) which The Whippets are unfortunately lacking…

But that’s not much of a put-down however- it takes utter brilliance to reproduce something as good as ‘This Is The One’ or ‘Olive Oil’. In fact, there’s not much wrong with this CD. ‘You’ll Be Fine’ is the ‘mistakes and all’ “finding a tenner you didn’t know you had and spending it all on Pic n’Mix” part of the metaphor… taking away the Pic n’Mix and replacing in with a Kooks’ CD (and ‘Classic Tractor’ if there’s any change left). I can actually see the video now; the band is sat on the cricket pitch at Flaxton Fun Day sipping cocktails and having a good old game of rounders. Then it’s all off to Jolly Jeff’s for a good old dance - that kind of thing. Summery, they would say. Spring to summery, I would say.

There’s a spoken word bit at the end too: “This is not a process / This is not a lifestyle”. “Bah bah bahs” echo around and it’s all rather LOVELY.

Third track and finale, ‘Back to the Future’ is about as throwaway as you can get. It starts pretty well with a raw Cribs / Kings of Leon gee-tar riff but then kind of fades away into a nondescript drone. Like far too much indie nowadays.

“Faaaaaaaaaaal down” shouts the singer, sounding quite like Rick Witter. It’s not that bad, surely! For The Whippets make edgy indie for Snow Plough and Colddrone fans. For me it’s just nice…and I want action.

A decent effort all the same.