This is a review of "Tin Foil Dreams" recorded by The Echo. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

With a name as unimaginative and generic as The Echo it is perhaps no surprise that the accompanying soundtrack offers very little in the way of innovation. MySpace has provided us with the perfect tool for measuring invention in terms of band names… just search for “The Echo” and watch the search results rack up. Can you imagine the legal battle that would ensue? The term Pop/Rock was never more relevant for the dated sound on offer here. Think Richard Ashcroft meets The Seahorses and The Bluetones and sprinkle in some tinkly bar-room piano and you're there. It’s well played, mixed and constructed, but boy is it dull. Opener “Take Me Down” has all the swagger of a carefully constructed “River Island” window display and feels like the Coral with all the interesting kinks ironed out. There is some joy though with the soulful acoustic number “Morning TV” which has a vibe similar to that of Mancunians I Am Kloot. Title track “Tin Foil Dreams” is a pretty unsubtle stab at tackling the weighty subject of drug addiction but the message gets lost in the melodrama of it all. A half decent play out marginally rescues the issue seeing the band shed their more traditional stylings for the first time.