This is a review of "Gold from Lead" recorded by Buen Chico. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

Having originally burst onto the scene with a flourish as wide eyed teenagers in 2003 the Chicos promised much. Record companies and radio presenters quite rightly had kittens about the spark filled demo that landed on their desks and many folks watched and waited for what surely would be the inevitable… and they waited… and the band kept touting the same songs… and people kept saying the same things, and still waited… and waited some more and then like a bolt from the blue… nothing really happened. Well not quite, they did release “Giving Your Gifts” which showed some more of the same charm of their early foray but despite the best efforts (here) of their biog to tell a story of incredible progress it has been a slow amble to this, their second single proper. Although summery and full of pretty girl floating backing vocals “Gold from Lead” is not the breakthrough moment. It has hooks but they are understated and by the end it’s more Aluminium from Lead, than Gold. A rather wavering vocal performance from front man Morgan is also a let down and is more lacking in confidence than it is glowing with nervous charm. But what’s this a new b-side? … no it’s a re-recorded version of “La La La (I can’t hear you)” which ironically has more sleaze, but less of the zip than the original and just how much more of this song people can take remains unclear. Roll on the album due for the autumn.