This article was published in 2007.

Fresh from his Cannes Film Festival success in the biopic "Control" which has won Best European Film Award and details the life and troubles of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, Sam Riley will be performing an exclusive gig with his band 10,000 Things at this year's Moor Music Festival held on Ilkley Moor.

Awarded by the Europa Cinemas Label, a network of film distributors, they later said that Sam Riley, who plays Curtis, was "excellent" in the role.

In amongst filming, Sam and the band have been busy writing songs for a new album, and their live show experience has been expanded to include a brass section. So you can expect The Thingettes (backing singers), killer keys and a re-expanded rhythm section when the band appear at Moor Music Festival.

The Moor Music Festival is 'a party by the people for the people’. The festival remains independent and unsponsored, inspired by the beautiful countryside and vibrant music scene of the north and beyond. It takes place on 20th and 21st July 2007 and tickets are still available to buy through the official festival website.