This is a review of "Filth" recorded by Pop Threat. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Great, the new 7" single from Pop Threat shows a rawer sound, one that I've not heard from the Leeds four-piece since their self-titled EP on Mook two years ago. Out go the strings, back comes the fuzzed-up guitar sound, creating a guitar alt-noise-rock style crossing the murky paths of Sonic Youth (hurrah!) and guitar-pop, say Elastica. Caroline continues to make such a simplistic vocal delivery sound so sweet, and the melody, what melody there is, continues to be uniquely driven by Juliet's bass. The guitar and drums vary very little throughout, and even the false end doesn't alter the tempo that much. "Filth" is exactly what it suggests: a dirty, gloomy sound, such a simple song and one that comes to an abrupt end, before you really think its started. But that's what makes it so ace: short and simple. Welcome back Pop Threat. As is usual with Pop Threat singles, I prefer the B-sides; which saying how much I liked the A-side on this occasion is an additional tribute indeed. More poppy, less dark, yet retaining all that is what Pop Threat do well, both "So It Seemed" and "Chéri" bumble and bounce around like they having nothing better to do, and once again I fall in love with Caroline's vocal delivery - you don't need to have the voice of an angel to capture emotion and I think Pop Threat have something quite unique, whilst painstakingly hard to describe.