This is a review of "Whatever it’s going to be" recorded by i concur. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2007.

Further proof (if any was needed) that Leeds musicians integrate with the insatiable appetite of a randy swinger when forming new groups and projects are new four piece i concur. Consisting of a number of members from noted Leeds acts, i concur’s debut release is the four track “Whatever it’s going to be”, a recording that manages to assimilate the seemingly disparate genres of rustic Americana, lo-fi indie and soaring post-rock into a rather wonderful marriage of the melodic and the epic.

Opener “Demons and Slaves” at first calls to mind Tortoise having a rowdy foot-stomping jam with Wilco in a barn, before the latter stage of the song sees the band abandon the earlier rootin’ tootin’ approach in favour of a sedate, guitar-led climax. “Oblige” starts off with swathes of chiming guitar which build into another stratospheric, sky-bashing ending. Maybe these guys have been climbing too many mountains recently? Penultimate track “Decimal Places” has a more introspective shoegazing approach, and is lyrically based around the unscrupulous activities of a South Korean stem cell scientist - perhaps you could say the song is a real “grower”.

Highlight of the EP has to be closer “Exits Are Blockades” though. Set against a urgent, jagged tempo, the song develops from alt-indie origins Into yet another searing epic ending. i concur can certainly climax with the best of them.

A well-written EP that’s not afraid to genre-hop while managing to retain its melodic sensibilities. Maybe agreement is the way forward.