This is an archive of the band profile for Fuzzy Jones.

Fuzzy Jones is a Leeds based singer/songwriter in a scene that can best be described as soul folk, acid folk, psychedelic folk, folk funk... call it what you like.

Raised on a diet of Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and Monster Munch sandwiches (with the crusts left on for obvious reasons), Fuzzy always knew it was either a singing career or an extra's role in Fraggle Rock that would be her destiny. Luckily for us she was too tall for Fraggle Rock!

Fuzzy has been compared to such disparate artists as Sandy Denny, Linda Perhacs, Beth Gibons and Karen Carpenter. Miss Jones herself has cited influence from late 60s and early 70s musicians such as Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane, Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger, Susan Christie, Nancy Priddy, Bonnie Koloc, Chris Harwood, Cream, Vashti Bunyan, Trader Horne, Kathy Smith, Jimi Hendrix and Dusty Springfield.

Her music conjures up tales of the everyday, but with an enchanting twist! Her lyrics draw you in around a glowing campfire. Her voice alternates between sensual and angsty with velvety smooth tones.

Her current band is Love of the Brave. Please follow the links below to delve into their Psychedelic world and All Things Analogue.....