This is an archive of the band profile for Dressed in Death.

D.i.D (or "Dressed in Death") are a four-piece band hailing from the sleepy town of Bradford, West Yorkshire in England. With:

Rob Taylor on Drums,
Elliot"Roo" Andrews on Bass,
Sam Widdop on Guitar and
Paul Gill on Guitar and Vocalst

Their influences stem back to early Blues, Funk and Metal to create an all round new sound.

After meeting at a jamming session at Bradford College, Paul and Rob began working together in "The Four Cox" a hip-hop heavy quartet surviving only 4 months before disbanding after playing a phenomenal show at the local Love Apple venue.

Paul and Rob remained friends, planning to resurrect their band with new members, and forming a part time Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute act, the Red Hot Pili Cheppers. This band is still going, but rarely work due to the lack of resources.

In the search to make their own name, Rob and Paul drafted Adam Jones-Whitton as lead guitarist, and after weeks of searching found an adequate bassist to form The Adams Family later renamed Surgery. Playing a six-song set (consisting of AFI, Greenday and the misfits Covers) at various clubs, Surgery took time off to concentrate on studies and such. In this time, Paul wrote the basic tracks of what would later become never gonna give it up. The group recruited Elliot Andrews to play Bass, and his influence redefined the sound and outlook of what would eventually become Dressed in Death.

After playing various shows, the group took the remainder of their time to concentrate on finals and studying, writing and eventually celebrating passing their exams. After a few weeks though, Paul, Rob and Elliot saw a decrease in Adams interest and with nothing but good wishes for him and his band Cellar Door, waved good-bye to their prodigal guitarist. This ushered in a new day for Dressed in Death as Sam Widdop, a friend of the band and previous co-worker of Rob and Paul was drafted to fill the departed JWs boots.

The band prides themselves on playing many different styles of music and always delivering a great performance (and show) for all the family, which is why there’s no swearing in any of the songs!

They’re not a Marylyn Manson “shock rock” group, not a death metal down tuned melee of distorted proportions, nor a time/key modulating group of pretentious jazz musicians (in all fairness, no one has ever assumed other wise on THAT one!) but a four piece from a sleepy, under achieving, overly opinionated city in the north of England, dedicated to the eagerness of the crowd and the delivery of a good time!

Currently in the midst of recording an album, with a new out look and a whole new arsenal of treats for ya. We’ll keep you posted... .