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Season's Change is the debut EP from 22 year-old Sam Airey, due for physical release on 1st March 2010. Recorded at Mook Studios, Leeds in November 2009 and produced by Whiskas (iForward, Russia!/DTTR founder), this five-track release sees Sam combine folk-storytelling with the exploration of lyrical themes inspired both by his upbringing in rural North Wales and his move to the city of Leeds some four years ago, where he has since remained.

Drawing influence from contemporary and traditional folk music, along with country and Americana, Sam plays a variety of instruments on the recording, but is also joined by Jim Morrow (drums), Hannah Wilson (backing vocals/additional keys) and Kieran O'Malley (fiddle). His live performances, often accompanied by friends, have garnered comparisons to such notable songsmiths as Nick Drake, Conor Oberst and Johnny Flynn..