This is a review of "Quetzel EP" recorded by The Resplendents. The review was written by Dave Procter in 2007.

Duelling saxes used to be a phrase that would have me running for the hills, fingers in my tinnitus inflicted ears. As time passes though, and our horizons are widened, you get an EP such as this landing on the floor next to the postbox, with dualling saxes, but importantly used with sense, and used as the driving force for the songs. All 3 of these songs are beautifully mixed and produced and importantly are hook laden nuggets of pop gems. There's a stax feel, with definite elements of Detroit soul, always a welcome sound and more than a nod to "Gino" era Dexy's, good influences then. Hard to say which song is "best", but I really like the organ sound at the start of "Better Than This" and the harmonising throughout.

As debuts go, this promises much and is a fine way of passing 9 minutes and 57 seconds. I reckon 8/10 isn't unfair... more please.