This is a review of "The Take Away EP" recorded by Instant Species. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

If I had my own way, Instant Species would write all of their songs in the style of the third track on their latest CD, "The Take Away EP". "Getting You" oozes passion and energy, a stomping rock tune, with Idlewild's "Hope Is Important" album a clear favourite for being played immediately prior to their latest bout of song writing. It's sharp and to the point, nice and dirty, a perfect match to Rick Garnett's grating, "sore throat" vocal delivery. At the other end of the scale, Instant Species also have a habit of introducing some slower, ballad-style tunes into their repertoire (see "Coup De Grace"), a clear soft spot for trying to win hearts rather than blast holes everywhere with a double-barrelled guitar salute. In my opinion, the two sides of the "What Is Instant Species" coin shouldn't mix, and you know which one I prefer... The lead track, "Give The Girl A Chance" sits half way between these two styles; it's a mixture of sing-along pop choruses, a song you would immediately recognise and know all of the words, whilst retaining a bit of that rock attitude I admire in this band. From the very first chord you know you're listening to a song that'd feature well on a spectrum of radio stations and if they didn't play that, I'm sure they'd go for "Getting You".