This is a review of "Freak Show" recorded by Jon Jones and the Beatniks Movement. The review was written by John Hepworth in 2007.

Is this a demo or a single? The sleeve insert has only the words Freak Show on it many times, around the wide-eyed face of one who has beheld something.  The disc itself is a Maxell CD-R 52X with no ID for the musicians making such good use of it. As a demo it’s a belter - any promoter receiving it only has to ask the question ‘Do we do this sort of stuff?’ and if the answer is yes, Jon Jones and the Beatniks Movement are in for an opportunity - as long as they eschew the cloak of anonymity, that is.

The music is three tracks of what the bio sheet hints might be some great heavy rock’n’roll five close friends have created during the past year. Faced with that statement before starting I came away from a few hearings impressed by what seemed like a certain amount of structure and restraint within all the screech whack buzz racket and energy.  And definitely good enough for a single.