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Held By Hands is the work of singer and multi-instrumentalist Mathew Johnson, assisted by Angharad Cooper, Stephen Roe and Tony Sentinella ... based in Leeds, Yorkshire, Held By Hands play Lo-Fi, vocal lead and layered popular music inspired influenced by the likes of Sufjan Stevens, the Microphones, Neutral Milk Hotel and Grizzly Bear... and played with guitars, keyboards, organs, mandolins, ukuleles, glockenspiels, violins and percussion to create their multi-faceted sound. Primarily a 5 piece, they expand on this number with more members to enhance their music in the live setting. A self titled 4 track ep was released for mailorder only via To and Fro Records in early 2007 (this will receive a full release in September 2007 as the band hit the road to play some live dates) that took the best part of a year to orchestrate and conduct..