This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Slice. The review was written by Shane Spencer in 2007.

Amongst their list of influences Slice cite RHCP and Jurassic 5, and with this in mind they proudly wear their heart on their sleeve; their sound is a confident and expert blend of Funk Rock and Hip-Hop, though thankfully with their own accents not fake American ones.

The opening track on their imaginatively named 3-track CD, Demo #1, is "Desk Monkey". It's a familiar tale of daily grind of the office worker, but done in their own style with plenty of wit. With catchy lyrics like "The desk monkey army is coming for you" and a funky guitar riffs it stands out from the musical crowd.

Their second track "Rockstar" opens up as a Hip-Hop number but then smoothly switches to Funk Rock. Although not as clever lyrically as their opening track, it is instantly catchy; the Chorus of "Raise your hands if you're a rock star" is a little reminiscent of Fatman Scoop: "you gotta 100 dollar bill put your hands up"; and it's easy to imagine that this would be a big live favourite.

The final track "Nothing Left To Lose" has got quite a melancholy feel to it and the vocals are touched with sadness that is redolent of Morrisey, but of course with a big guitar rock sound and a touch of funk (if you can imagine that).

If this is just a slice of what Slice has to offer then bring me the full musical-pie...