This is a review of "s/t" recorded by The Chiara L's. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

The Chiara L’s, named aptly after front-woman Chiara Lucchini, are a sprightly, naïve, fun, bundle of scratchy guitar pop. Frighteningly they are probably too young to remember 80’s Indie guitar-pop outsiders The Darling Buds but whether it the cutesy vocal style or the simple guitar constructs there have been few quite so reminiscent. Also conjuring up the occasional comparison to Sleater-Kinney (without the anger) or Blondie if they had also been post-Libertines this is all very chic. There is an argument to say that this format is getting a little dog-eared and faded leading some to say it’s now in its death throws, but whenever music is delivered with such vibrancy and energy it’s tough to ignore. Lyric-wise, the band are not going to blaze any trails but the appeal of a sexy young Italian girl singing “Yes you can do me on sofa, or do me in the kitchen” is probably not going to leave too many of the male half of the audience quibbling about lyrical credibility. Chief highlights are the ultra-pop “Bad Hair Day” which has the perfect subject matter for its throwaway satisfaction. Things peak with the thumping “Knives” with its riot girl chorus and at 2 mins 10 the band has already mastered the fine art of “short and sweet”, great stuff. There is surely more to come from The Chiara L’s and this aperitif will only serve to wet the appetite.