This is a review of "Disco/Retro" recorded by The Hair. The review was written by Kate Zezulka in 2007.

Following a very heavy touring schedule last year and the release of “Ghosts” in March on Cool For Cats, The Hair are back with their infectious and frenetic dancefloor tracks to make the perfect soundtrack to your weekend. The pure energy of “Disco/Retro” is apparent from the outset: with a gloriously fuzzy and shambolic guitar part, an exceedingly funky bass line and a busy but solid drum part, it’s tricky to stop your foot from tapping away involuntarily, even before some twenty seconds have elapsed. Merely the introduction boasts enough hooks to fill your head for the next few weeks and months.

It’s when the vocals kick in, though, that The Hair really showcase their contagious take on electro-indie – the chorus is anthemic, starting off with stripped down texture then growing to a crescendo of instruments and vocals all tussling for centre-stage. This is a song of unicorn-like rarity that could be played in a club and manage to get the crowd on their feet and bopping but without being trashy and embarrassing. In fact, “Disco/Retro” is as ballsy as any bona-fide rock song, but has rhythms at least ten times as upbeat and bouncing. On the strength of “Disco/Retro”, The Hair would seem to have set a new standard for danceable tracks.

The B-Side, “Sidney Betts”, is in much the same vein; a raucous and rollicking snapshot of the band’s vivacity, as well as some humour bobbing about in the lyrics.

The Hair once again have released an ultimately fun record brimming with attitude and scuzzy synth. And some foolish people said electro and 80s influenced music couldn’t be stylish.