This is a review of "Harehills Chapeltown" recorded by Whole Sky Monitor. The review was written by John Hepworth in 2007.

This is quite an experience. Lower LS8 whacks new life into New York as a revival of the down-at-heel I Love emblem is suddenly aglow. It’s thanks to an opening number which sure-footedly assembles itself for fifty-odd seconds before growing minute by minute into a mature episode of solid proto-punk. That song ‘Harehills Chapeltown’ is rowdy and fulfilling; so when the angst-y second track stridently takes over from it, a bit of initial resentment might invade the listener’s mood. Soon the short dramatic ‘Mary  Moses’ has made room for itself - less downtown, more claustrophobic, slicker: and such a lot of it in not much over two minutes.

By comparison ‘Just Let Me Talk To Her’ almost sounds like a type of classic British pop: exciting in its way, heart-gladdening despite itself, but without the depth of the other two. On many a band’s CD this would be the best specimen; here it’s just another way of saying versatility swaggers round the streets of Harehills Chapeltown.