This is an archive of the band profile for The Chief Whips.

The Chief Whips are a 3 piece rock and roll band from Yorkshire UK.

Frontman Steve Sanderson's previous band was Leeds based punk/blues act The Attic, whose minor successes included the infamous "'Off The Nest" EP from 1990.

The band gigged regularly and support slots on tours by Paul Simmonon of The Clash and Eddie And The Hot Rods helped to establish them. The Attic folded in 1996 and Steve played guitar in a covers band for a few years.

Eventually he began to miss the creative side of making music. After having become disillusioned with rock and insipid indie music, the impact of American bands like The Black Keys,The White Stripes and Soledad Brothers reinvigorated Steve's enthusiasm.

Having only played a handful of gigs though, the original line up of The Whips turned out not to be up to the task and the band imploded.

Several false starts later, a settled line up wasn't found until recently when Cat Presley (Bass) and Karl Winn (Drums) injected the missing ingredients!

The Whips have released 2 self produced albums which have brought them to the attention of the wider world. 'The Other Creek' and 'The Cowshed Tapes' can be accessed at iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon, and most other established outlets for downloading MP3s and purchasing CDs.

The Whips aim to be back on the live circuit soon and are looking forward to delivering their own brand of punked up blues rock..