This is a review of "R.E." recorded by Red Go Green Stop. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2007.

Red Go Green Stop’s latest slice of adult pop glory opens with an indefinable yet undeniably ska-infused intro proving its status as just that. Anna Hetherington’s slightly distorted vocals on said single ‘R.E’ up the ante with genuinely seductive lyrics such as ‘Dress me in your conviction’. Although Hetherington’s vocals may be the element of the song’s composition which strike you first, the integrated musicianship of the band as a quintet is astounding. This is perhaps most apparent on the simultaneous tempo and mood change that lead into a killer chorus. In the day where the chorus is often neglected in favour of more unconventional song structure, Red Go Green Stop demonstrate that the text book chorus can more often than not prove the most effective. Too funky to be ska, too much more than guitar to be indie… the band remain unpigeonholeable in the most delightful way.

A new experience: I have to check that ‘Ointment’ is by the same band as it sounds so different to the preceding track. To say that each band member displays their talent would be an understatement and a half as the song’s opening deceptively stings of insecurity. Soon enough however the outfit’s trademark bouncy beat kicks in, impossible not to hum along to. I hate labelling as much as the band themselves, but ‘adult pop’ seems to be one that fits Red Go Green Stop perfectly with rhythms and constructions that would pass the younger generation by which is by no means a bad thing. Hetherington’s diction is beautiful and there’s no other word for it as her harsh ‘t’s resound in the listener’s ear. And you can’t say that happens often.

‘Weatherbox’ raises alarms in my mind as it’s a remix which means either: a genius reworking of a song which leaves you wondering which version you prefer, the remixed or the original; or a pointless messing with good old fashioned music. I’m afraid that this is the latter. Although genuinely rousing in places, the listener’s left cold.

Red Go Green Stop are a band of our times and this can be articulated but only to an extent, for you really must imbibe this for yourself.