This is an archive of the band profile for Sweet Suzi.

Yes there must be something potent about the water in England’s northern valleys. Because Bradford, it seems, has a curious habit: Every once in a while the town throws up a band, whilst of a distinct genre, are nonetheless controversially distinct from many other established acts. In the 80’s it was New Model Army for punk/goth; in 90’s came chumbawamba for indie. And midway through the naughties comes Sweet suzi for rock!

Lead singer Suzi is armed with a fiery, still remarkably soulful voice. But it’s the vitriolic tongue, which reveals her true inner flushes. In her lyrics such as "I never should’ve let you inside me… You creep! Take your fucking eye’s off me”! and, "Just spit it out, spit it out, your dirty mouth."

Suzi is the kind of sassy front woman, frantic mothers might seriously warn their sons about, let alone their daughters. But think again; is there not something more seductive beneath Suzi’s raw sentiments? You can bet on it. Such is the essence of her band. The music’s distorted riffing is as dangerous and thrilling and compelling and beautiful and obnoxious and thoroughly intimidating as Suzi herself is alluring.

The band was originally formed in late 2004.Together with producer & co-writer Barrie Gledden, They both wrote continually for 12 months, creating the songs and generating a sound that would eventually attract the rest of the outfit. Chris Bussey was the first to join, adding his relentless hard-hitting drum parts, which were accompanied by his intense knowledge of music. He fast is proving as influential a drummer on Sweet Suzi as Clem Burke was to Blondie. Soon after, bassist Danny Lambert and Chris’s extrovert brother Craig, on guitar, were recruited to complete a young and vibrant four-piece line up. The band’s first gig was supporting Terrorvision at the boardwalk in Sheffield and they’ve since supported both INME and WEDNESDAY 13.They have been recording new material and planning their mini tour.

Designer Vivienne Westwood originator of ’punk rock’ style. Once said, “Tomorrow’s fashion is what we wouldn’t wear today.“ Sweet suzi will be one of those bands to make a crushing impact in the coming years. Get on the case now. Discover the band for yourself; before everyone else been there, done that and worn the T-shirt..