This is a review of "Take Her Back" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Shane Spencer in 2007.

Earlier this year someone said to me that the "New Yorkshire" scene is pretty much over, they were wrong for so many reasons and The Pigeon Detectives are one of those.

Their latest single "Take Her back" is about love, or more accurately lust, between people of differing ages; if this were a film it would probably be a sequel to their earlier single "You Know I Love You". Sure, it's not very sophisticated but the lyrics have a wry sense of risqué wit, and with its almost football chant-like chorus there's something quite primeval and appealing about it.

This is the Britpop for the noughties, and the all so important message behind the song is... (as long as she's over the age of consent) take her back, take her back, take back boys!