This article was published in 2007.

Buying a guitar is an exciting, if not at times daunting, experience. The best way to buy a guitar is to see, feel and hear the instrument and that’s not always as easy as it sounds. It’s either take a gamble with an on-line dealer or painstakingly travel around visiting the shops. The best solution is to get to a show where everything is under the one roof.

On Sunday 9th September, the Civic Hall in Pudsey will be hosting the first Leeds Guitar Show. Organiser and guitar enthusiast Peter Hoarty is looking forward to an exciting day. “I visit guitar shows in America and thought there should be an alternative to the big industry shows in the UK like the London Guitar Show. I thought it would be great to have provincial shows in the North. This is the first time we’ve done a show in Leeds, although we have been doing it for a number of years”.

“The shows are aimed at anyone from beginners to the veteran player. It’s a great place for guitarists to gather and meet, talk to manufacturers and dealers while also picking up some bargains.”

“Beginners can see some great demos and pick up tips from the experts. Those on a limited budget can feast their eyes on a massive selection of guitars and accessories all in the one place and at special show prices. Some dealers will also consider part-exchange.”

Also attending the show will be well known local dealers Music Ground and Sound Control as well as specialists in vintage guitars for collectors. Nick Leggett, from, will be one of those classic guitar dealers providing buyers the opportunity to get their own bit of music history. “I’ll be bringing vintage Gibson’s, Fender’s, Epiphone’s and Rickenbacker’s as well as some classic valve amplifiers. I also have a lot of high quality bass guitars in stock.”

The show will also have live music, a Patrick Eggle guitar demo and a guitar-building workshop. The doors open at 10am and admission is £5. For further information visit or telephone 01925 813185.