This is a review of "Black And White Films" recorded by The Rosie Taylor Project. The review was written by Alexander Rennie in 2007.

It would be easy enough to dismiss 'Black And White Films' after a cursory listen. Boasting a gently plucked guitar line that trundles along for four minutes without really deviating, and lacking anything that could really lay claim to being a 'chorus', it's a tune that can pass you by as lightly and unobtrusively as a gentle breeze. Basically folks, the Pigeon Detectives this ain't - but then this sort of music can appeal to an altogether different part of our psyche than those rowdy boys and their ilk.

It's quite satisfying in its own way, featuring some charming boy / girl vocals and a little bit of wistful trumpet thrown in for good measure. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea but, hey, what is. It's just something that rewards a little bit more concentration from the listener. And the same can be said of 'Maps For Lost Lovers', which certainly compensates for the A-side's lack of refrain. It also puts the boy / girl thing to better use with some proper counterpoint harmony, rather than sticking to simple delivery in unison throughout.

In summary, if this is going to rock you then it will do so gently. It's definitely a disc for retiring to the armchair with a glass of wine rather than repairing to the dancefloor with a bottle of beer. So if that sounds to you like an endorsement then grab a copy and crack open a bottle ASAP. If, however, it sounds far more like damnation with faint praise then I'd definitely suggest you save your cash.