This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Touch. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2007.

What is clear from the outset is The Touch have talent. Blues driven pounding rock and roll filled with impeccable harmonies and soul. The band's mastery of song writing and fresh ideas in an old genre belies their years and they manage to avoid the pitfalls most modern “blues” acts do by not sounding like some run of the mill pub rock outfit. Occasionally the lyrics could do with tightening up but hey in a genre that relies so heavily on the rehashing of clichés this is a minor foible. All of the five tracks on offer demonstrate what a broad knowledge of their forbears The Touch have amassed right back from Howlin Wolf to BB King, through to more contemporary exponents such as the 22-20s, Oasis and The Coral. All of it is delivered with a sharp edged energy not out of place alongside the post-liber-strokes generation. What lacks for now is the one killer tune to take the lead. “Doin’ Gods Dirty Work” is a two minute romp that almost gets there but without a big enough hook. “That’s What You Gotta Do” has a mature “house of the rising sun” vibe and “Keep on Dreaming” manages to overcome some rock-nonsense lyrics to be a pleasing Mersey-beat-esque outing. It’s all good but not yet great, but The Touch are only just starting out and on this evidence there is a great deal more to come.