This is a review of "Graft" recorded by The Dauntless Elite. The review was written by Daniel Powell in 2007.

The Dauntless Elite are just one of those bands. Constantly heaped with praise, one of the most revered and respected punk bands in the UK underground scene, capable of consistently producing quality albums and slaying audiences up and down the country and more recently world-wide. Yet they never seem to get the commercial benefits that the plaudits would suggest, while radio friendly, meaningless bollocks is shoved down everyone’s throats instead.

‘Graft’ should hopefully change that. With its melodies, bouncy riffs and shouty choruses, it looks set to launch TDE into the, erm, bigger leagues. I found it impossible not to like, and by the same token, impossible to pick tracks to analyse, as I was having that much fun the album was over before I scratched the surface. Repeated listens are inevitable, because as soon as the last chord rings out, you’ll find yourself hitting Play again and bouncing round like a loon. Which is nice.