This article was published in 2007.

Leeds-based singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson has begun his ‘songwriting experiment’ The Blueprint, during which he will release a brand new song every week for the next 6 months. The songs will be available as free downloads from his MySpace site, and each one will be written, recorded and produced the week prior to release.

“It just seemed like an easy way to get my songs out there”, explains the talented and prolific artist, whose accessible Americana is steeped in classic rock n’ roll of the 70’s. “I write a lot of songs every week, and can record them quickly and easily enough – vocals, a couple of guitar parts and some harmonica or keyboards or whatever. With me it’s always been a matter of quality control – I don’t often get writer’s block. A lot of the artists I admire, like Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, have a great work ethic which means they have huge catalogues of songs for their fans. If I could emulate what they do, obviously on a much smaller level, it will only benefit me as a musician and performer. And with a tool like MySpace, I can reach a lot of different people and get their responses to the song quickly.”

The first Blueprint song was released on Friday 7th September. Live dates (both solo and with a 3 piece backing band) are also set to be announced soon.