This is an archive of the band profile for The Air Freshener Man.

The Air Freshener Man, the alter ego of pretend music maestro Robert Dane, spent the early part of his life in middle-of-nowhere town Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, before ending up living in Leeds, via Scarborough. He now hangs vicariously on the tails of the Leeds music scene and has one mission to complete: He will go on tour to promote the release his debut single on Monday 30th August 2010. It will be deleted on Monday 6th September 2010, the day he turns 30. One format of the single must be vinyl. From that point on The Air Freshener man will split up with himself, citing ‘Musical Differences’.

The Air Freshener Man began life as a regular contributor to popular teen mag Mega-Zine, found on Channel 4 Teletext. These writings resulted in The Air Freshener Man being voted best Mega-Zine writer of the year in 1993 by the readership. Many years later it became clear that there was only one name he could use for his music project, just to see if one day somebody turned up purely because they remembered the name.

Musically The Air Freshener Man describes himself with the usual clichés like “I don’t sound like anything else.” Sadly this is not true, as all music sounds like something else, and he is probably best lumped into the genre “Lo-Fi Singer Songwriter”, although he secretly worries that this will make him sound like a bland acoustic guitarist singing about being dumped in every song. This is not the case.

The Air Freshener Man's live shows are now part music, part performance spectacular, aided by a 4-track cassette recorder, some headphones, a penguin (stuffed), his own shelf and lots of gaffa tape..