This article was published in 2007.

Leeds band The Lost 45s UK will release a new EP on Monday 5th November. "Experiments In Pop" will be available via the band's website for just £1.49 including P&P.

The three track release contains the songs:

'Flying Fear' - A song about a holiday fright flight to Spain. It’s sound and vocal are inspired by the Nederbeat groups of the mid 60s. Making this track a real, European Freakbeat style raver.

'The Sleepers' - A three minute nugget with a jangly folk pop feel.

'Something Sinister' - With its edgy sounding organ intro, Latin beat interludes, spooky falsetto vocals and crazy surf guitar break. The music encapsulates the songs title and subject matter perfectly.

All three tracks were recorded at The Attic, Leeds by producer Richard Green.