This is a review of "It Could Happen To You" recorded by Chichino. The review was written by Joseph C Seager in 2007.

Pop, soul, jazz, funk. Chichino are inspired by all areas of music, and it’s paying off. Having played all over the UK, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and of course Leeds, gracing the airwaves of various radio stations across the land and supporting the likes of success story The View, this is the next song from the funk-a-riffic group.

Apparently it was the sound of the summer. ‘It Could Happen To You’ no doubt had help along the way with numerous remixes of the single. It was hitting hundreds of clubs and dancefloors in the UK and Ibiza, so Chichino have no doubt stepped up and are showing off their talents. The four piece comprise of drum pro Andy, bass boy Keith, guitar man Gary and vocalist/organ/piano maestro Narelle. Sounding like numerous other dance tracks out there, with everything from a Girls Aloud style ‘Ooo ooo’ to funky slapped out bass beats providing a structured backbone to the group and single, the vocals aren’t especially in depth, but it’s not needed with this type of, get a few drinks down your neck and throw some shapes with the rest of the glow-stick clad people enjoying the pulsing rhythms.

I think I actually prefer the remixes to the radio edit. They have a bit more variation and flair about them. Not putting down the original song by any means, but I think that the song fits having a mixed beat behind it which of course widens the scope when there’s someone else on board helping to push the song out into the mainstream.

Flying the flag for a different type of Leeds music, way away from the home grown indie of Kaisers and Pigeons, Chichino are well on the way to becoming permanent dance scene names. Good luck...