This is an archive of the band profile for Sam and Anna.

Terms like precocious are banded around a little too easily in music today. Talent forgoes the spotlight and an artist's age is sadly the main talking point. So although Sam and Anna are only 17 and 15 respectively you would never be able to tell from their music.

With just two guitars and one voice they've created something which transcends their age; their soothing blend of precocious lyrics and masterful guitar playing is as invigorating as it is melodic.

Multilayered complicated guitar work partners Sam's tender vocals to create an impressive selection of varied and thoughtful songs.

Ranging from the more serious tales of love in Whistle stop and Dreams, to the soft party pop of Don't hesitate and Dance with Me with there catchy chorus and toe tapping melodies - the level of detail that goes into each song doesn't go unnoticed.

Doing artists like KT Tunstall and John Mayer proud, their influences clearly shine through to form an acoustic pop sound which will leave you humming for days on end.

The cohesion and unity that the girls have is refreshing to see and is partly down to them regularly playing part of the band Crash Ride, where they got to know each other and develop their music prowess.

Already fearlessly getting out and playing their music in and about Leeds, they're playing venues which normally they wouldn't even have been allowed into! So with a string of bookings for the rest of 2007 and early 2008, the future is looking as bright as one of their sunshiny sumptuous songs!.