This is a review of "Way To My Heart" recorded by The Sugars. The review was written by Lewis Denby in 2007.

This is an odd little soul. When I think of The Sugars, I think of dirty riffs, cheeky vocals, and a whole lot of 50s fun. 'Way To My Heart' seems to fall short in each of these fields.

It has no discernible pop structure, which for a band of this nature is extremely courageous if nothing else. The song essentially builds - albeit quite nicely - for three minutes, before anticlimactically ending. Any hooks are particularly week, and Matt Bolton's wavering vocals drag by about halfway, saved only by Anna Greenaway's seductive parts (careful) towards the finish. Disappointing.

But wait a second. I'm walking to Sainsbury's and I'm singing "I've got love if you want it…"

Even aside from the fact that I'm singing the female bit, this is curious. It's rare for a song I don't particularly like to get stuck in my head like this, and it only leads to confusion. I criticised its lack of hooks, yet apparently, that's one right there. And upon re-listening, I'm more taken in by the minimalism of this tune. It's a bizarre choice for a single, certainly, particularly after instant, immediate indie-pop classics like Monsters (an infinitely better tune, no matter what I end up thinking of this single). But it does still have that 'Sugars charm' about it. It's one of those songs I think I'll probably grow to love.

But for a single, particularly at this crucial time in The Sugars' career, is that what we really need?