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Rachel Cook, the Musical Adventure that is, is perhaps best described as 'not just another acoustic act'. With a set ranging from upbeat, riff-based stompers to more reflective numbers the Rachel Cook Band is tasty enough for any palate. The shiny new line-up includes Rachel on vocals (and the odd bit of flute and shakey egg), Adam Martin providing acoustic guitar that's just the right amounts of funky, percussive and pretty, two incredible backing vocalists who call themselves Emily and Jen and, in a shockingly exciting turn of events, cajon player Mr Ste 'I love to hit things' Anderson.

'The Rachel Cook EP' was recorded and released last year and is available to buy on iTunes, in person or by postal order or if that's not enough loveliness for you, stay tuned as EP number 2, a much more dynamic, up-beat and funky offering, is well on its way... The musical adventure gigs regularly so be sure to catch them live (rumour has it there's always free sweets to be had...)..