This is a review of "6 EP" recorded by Plastic Fuzz. The review was written by Campbell McNeill in 2008.

Alternative pop has never sounded as good as it does on this 5-track EP from Plastic Fuzz.

Taken from the huge 100 track concept that is the album DOTs, this funky piece of indie pop lights up the winter night like one of those new nuclear plants going into meltdown.

The man behind Plastic Fuzz, Mark Shahid, describes himself as a one man bedroom band. Well if that’s the case then he must have a bloody big bedroom. From website to artwork, this whole ‘concept’ oozes cool and sophistication.

The music ranges from poppy to experimental and highlight of the EP for me is track 2, ‘April 4th’. The break that comes in at the end tingles the hairs on the back of the neck. I just don’t get the Ivor Cutler inspired ‘I saved the world from Bradford’ but with a range of influences and styles there’s something here for all.

One to watch.