This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Black Bloc. The review was written by Matthew Walton in 2008.

These 4 lads hail from Huddersfield, and are fairly embryonic as they formed in 2006. The time spent since has been put to productive use under the watchful eye of producer Steve Whitfield, resulting in this 3 track offering. The band’s graphics synchronise well with their name. A good start, so onto the music.

The first contribution is “Death of a culture” and my first impression was a likeness to The Twang. Strong male vocal, fierce guitar riffs and a foot tapping beat. Lead singer Michael Bush sings with a raw, intimidating, aggression that captures your attention instantly.

Next up is “children of the sun”. A slower, more bass ridden effort; it reminded me of early Happy Mondays songs.

Last is “Soul surveillance”, a hypnotic, trip hop style production. Not a vocally strong track, but the instrumental layout is accomplished and provides another string to their bow.

The Black Bloc have provided a wide spectrum of musical styles which bodes well for the future. The variance and diversity in the 3 tracks is refreshing and bold, and works remarkably well. I liked all 3 tracks and don’t hesitate to recommend it to other open minded music fans.