This is an archive of the band profile for Pulled Apart by Horses.

Pulled Apart by Horses could be a sick torture method or the name of a new rock consortium from Leeds of west riding. PABH have been rehearsing and constructing music in a room above Leeds local boozer The Packhorse from the back end of 2007 and consist of ex-members of musical rock type bands Mother Vulpine, Concentration Champ and It Takes Bridges. This combination has provided each member with a satisfyingly large need for volume, movement, guitar disturbing and ear drum punishment whilst and underlying value for popular song writing remains still ever so slightly true. Influences remain scarce but from the outlook of the set up of this 4-piece it could be suggested that you'll be in for a disco rock hammering with a large dose of hard riffing and yelping vocals. Secret gigs and a small tour with Leeds doom metal pals Monster Killed by Laser in February, kick off the equine horror show with a little style..