This is an archive of the band profile for Cotheria.

Somewhere within the pristine, softly-furnished country villa that is our drummer's house, amid the archives of oversized sock catalogues, there lies a recording. On that recording can be heard the embryonic beginnings of Cotheria, played by two fresh-faced teens on drums and guitar. And it sounds absolute gash.

In the eight years that have passed since those chords were first fumbled, some things haven't changed. Chris still likes Lars Ulrich. I still consume absurd amounts of 'VIMPTO'.

Cotheria, however, has changed out of all proportion.

We took the band out of the countryside in search of new members and a glorious future. We found three unwitting fellows who helped us frighten the bejeezus out of the regulars at a small church. They also helped us carve out a sound that was heavier than a celibate donkey's ball sack, yet delicious, like cherry bakewell tarts.

However, 2007 was a year of much change and transition. The revolving door at Cotheria HQ span round a few times and before we knew it, Dan and John were in our practice room, our living rooms, our wallets and our underwear.

Cotheria is the culmination of years of arduous shit. What has felt like decades rehearsing for gigs that seemingly wouldn't arrive, continuously buying gear that always, always breaks, getting kicked out of practice spaces by irate landlords and all the while watching bands we used to like become really bad but still sell loads of records.

But the pain is over now and all that remains is pure indulgence, sweet guitar tone, questionable haircuts and some of Yorkshire's finest macho posturing. We are going to keep making this stuff and playing it relentlessly. And we fully expect you all to listen and enjoy it..