This is a review of "The Derby Ram" recorded by Benjamin Wetherill. The review was written by Colin Burrill in 2008.

It would be quite easy to throw Benjamin Wetherill’s name in the “freak folk” category often attached to the likes of Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vashti Bunyan and Iron & Wine, but with Benjamin you always seem to get something refreshingly different. I mean, who else has the capacity to combine a mystifying sense of early 20th Century with a 21st Century outlook?

Following on from the several self-released CDs and compilation appearances, Benjamin Wetherill underlines his ability to craft something unique with the mesmerising single ‘The Derby Ram’. Coming courtesy of Leeds label On The Bone, the local experimental folk star treats us to an extraordinary piece of music that consists of layered wind arrangements, light percussion and Benjamin’s distinctive tremolo-laden vocal. On the flip, the charming ukulele driven “I Would Love To” offers a nice alternative to proceedings.

With a split 10” with David Thomas Broughton and (at least what seems!!) a long-awaited debut album scheduled for release this year, The Derby Ram does a very good job of wetting the appetite. Excellent.