This is a review of "The Love Is Demo" recorded by Kid iD. The review was written by Campbell McNeill in 2008.

As the daffodils open and the snow seems to have calmed down a bit, Kid iD’s ‘The Love is Demo’ arrives and sets up the summer to come.

Leeds’ very own multi-instrumentalists have produced three tracks of breezy loveliness that will surely see them expand on their recent success as ‘Bright Young Things’.

Acoustic, funky pop with a drum and bass edge - this is a band that you can hear on the radio and tell folk that you like them.

It would be easy to claim them as our own Beirut or Broken Social Scene but with an epic sound that mixes skiffle and ska they are not yet for pigeonholing.

I’ll be there with my cider and blackcurrant when they storm the festivals this year.

Good songs and a great portent for a summer to come.