This is an archive of the band profile for A Day Well Spent.

A lot has happened to A Day Well Spent since their formation in early 2006. Lineup changes, non-stop writing, and everything that comes with being part of a professional band, has shaped the groups own style and the music they create; which is reflected by its originality, maturity and the need to be different. A band that has been described to sound like early Saosin and Alexisonfire with hints of newer bands such as A Day To Remember, the band manage to bring their own individuality to their music, making sure they stand out from the rest.

In 2007, the band began pre production of new material for their début EP which they are recording and producing themselves for a release around spring time 08.
A Day Well Spent has shared the stage with such acts as We're Not Super Heroes Anymore, This Town Needs Guns, Mirror View, Life Blind, The Darwin Theory, Voice Of Brain. The band is set to go on tour in February 2008 to promote their début EP.
The band is currently in the process of writing and playing as many shows as they can and will be constantly writing and recording new tracks preparing for a EP later in 2008. Look out for A Day Well Spent in a town near you, they're not to be missed..