This is an archive of the band profile for Northern Glory.

Halifax band Northern Glory's beginning was explosive when Chris Howell came out on the wrong end of a punch up with Adam Russ over school rivalries. The lads didn't exactly kiss and make up, but in a fortuitous twist of fate they did become friends and found they had music in common. 'Morning Glory' was the result in January 2005. Dave Tracey joined in 2007 & Graeme Farrell was finally recruited in 2009 after supporting the band on and off for a couple of years.

Evolving rapidly from their early incarnation as an Oasis tribute, the band needed an outlet that could only be satisfied by writing and performing their own material. A name change was required. Adam Russ explains "It was either keep the Morning or keep the Glory, and we're in it for the Glory! We're all from the North so the new name was a natural progression."

Collectively Northern Glory are fascinated by an old school, epic raw spontaneous style that separates the band from their contemporaries. At live perfomances the band's logo sets the backdrop, dressed in modern vintage garb the band perform a defiantly electrifying variation of the whole vox/guitar/drums rock spectrum inspiring a legion of followers.

Writing duties are taken care of by Chris, whilst the melodies are a team effort. Northern Glory isn't a genre or style, these guys aren't molded or monotonous, more likely schizophrenic in that every track is different from the last. "We won't be labeled & don't want to be!" says Chris & Adam is more forthright,"'Our music will do the talking for us!"

Northern Glory aim to develop their unique sound to embrace power spontaneity, built on their self taught musicianship, lyrics & delivery "We've auditioned trained musicians but we've found they're largely constrained by the straight jacket of their training, especially in live performance. We're all self taught so anything is possible and nothing is 'wrong!'" says Chris. Adam Russ - "We've lots to offer. We're only scratching the surface of our creativity right now."

Northern Glory are:

Chris Howell - Vocals
Adam Russ - Guitar
Dave Tracey - Bass/Vocals
Graeme Farrell - Drums.