This is a review of "Pine Cone Express" recorded by Cowtown. The review was written by Nick Rowan in 2008.

Devo, Jon Spencer, Deerhoof: My girlfriend has turned them all off.

Now Cowtown have joined that exalted list of mysterious headache providers. At least you have to admire the consistency - heck she’s basically written this review with the use of a single index finger (headline: Writer Doubles Productivity).

With songs that seem to have been put together by Oompa-Loompas and thumped out on instruments purloined from the pound shop, there’s no obvious explanation as to why my girlfriend was wrong again (headline: Writer Eyes Couch). I see it this way – Cowtown have established their own recognisable entity, even if it is one manned by oddballs with weirdo leftfield ideas. Its sound is here on record but it’s also worth checking out their website for a free visual dose.

This was released a while back (sure glad Dave is too stoic to add editorial comments on these reviews) but I’d urge you to forsake this minute’s hot new thing (unless maybe it’s MGMT) and try this on for size. Much like my girlfriend you may find yourself going through a strange transformation, and if it starts out with you thinking “what the hell’s that noise?” then it may well finish with some enthusiastic, if rather uncoordinated, dance moves.